it's a place where brilliant and talented minds can connect, grow and blossom.

Talent Garden is a global network of digital innovator, a physical coworking space for digital ecosystem to meet, work, learn and collaborate, and runs a load of great events, advice sessions and more.

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TAG (Talent Garden) helps entrepreneurs, freelancers & small businesses succeed by making them more connected with each other and by providing them with services that allow them to focus their energy on what they do best. How? Through our one-vision global community. Talent Garden offers flexible beautiful workspace with Italian lifestyle, access to an energetic community, the resources of a global company, the energy and shared knowledge of a tech conference and the buzz of a social networking event rolled into one!

“Co-working” doesn't fully define what TAG is about. It isn't merely the sharing of a physical workspace and its costs; our emphasis is on sharing ideas, objectives, hopes, inspiration and evencommon daily life routines. TAG is a "PASSION WORKING SPACE". In a TAG “garden”members meet, relate, connect and enrich each other. They attend special events and presentationsorganized to bring in the creative “seeds” circulating around outside.

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The Talent Garden local network offers flexible workspace,access to a vibrant community, the resources of a global mind, the energy and the shared knowledgeof a tech conference room and the buzz of a social networking event, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,all in one place.We set out to create spaces that combine the best of a community which offers innovation labs, a kind of incubator for businesses with the comforts of home, or better still, recreate the beautiful and inspirational environment of an imaginary garden!

However, we believe it is necessary to ACT and not just IMAGINE. We wanted to create a spacewhere people who are tired of working alone can still work freely and independently, while benefiting from all the practical, psychological and intellectual help and positive input of acommunity of like-minded professionals.

Co-working is redefining our concept of work. Inspiredby the participatory culture of the open source movement and the empowering nature of IT, we arebuilding a more sustainable future.

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Bergamo - Brescia - Cosenza - Milano - NewYork - Padova - Genova - Pisa - Turin

Talent Garden is not your typical company. We are an Organization built around an extended network of hundreds of passionate, skilled, and empowered founders around the world.
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Our global network of campuses brings contamination. Connecting start-ups, freelancers, VCs and motivated thinkers, we're building a multifaceted community of like-minded individuals linked bypassion, common interests and a shared vision. At TAG members can continueworking on their own projects while at the same time collaborating with others, attend events, share ideas and, of course, the odd social event. This 'sharing' ofdifferent skills and approaches develops the necessary knowledge needed tosuccessfully 'survive' in today's world.

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We are a group of people who love their work and the digital world. Discover -->the team

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Startup Weekend

We organize and promote many Startup Weekend around the world like in Milan, Rome, Tourin and Venice.

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Discover our project to conquer the world thith our coworking model.

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